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Steve Rubel on "the vines"

Steve: the vines have each others thumbs up their respective asses
Imran:: oh shush
Imran:: you are jealous
Steve: perhaps
Steve: because i know i'm twice the drunk he is
Imran:: hahah
Steve: and he's insincere
Imran:: how’s that?
Steve: he just seems like a phony to me
Imran:: I never doubted him
Steve: the hives, whose music i hate much more than the vines (right off the bat anyway), seem a lot more real.
Steve: whoever, it's the white stripes who appear to claim the much coveted title of "authentic"
Imran:: no way yo...the vines are dope, you know it, you just wont admit it because he's getting away with everything you want to
Steve: he plays into the medias' hands. And tells everyone how crazy he is. If i were given his opportunity, yes, i definitely would pull a lot of the shit he does but i would also be much more humble.
Imran:: i dunno...its part of his stylee though, and, let me remind you of a certain press report
Imran:: hah, no im just kidding yo
Steve: you know what i'm saying, he grabs all the spot light, i don't know any of the other guys' names. you know if we were where they are now, everyone and their uncle would have heard of peter graham by now.
Imran:: yeah, well they changed their drummer, they had a drummer before, but needed someone with more creativity to fuel their music, so i mean, i dunno, the bassist and singer are best buddies like krist and kurt
Steve: they're just media sluts, like, kurt and krist had about 10x the class that these guys have. They don't wish they were nirvana, they wish they were the sex pistols. But none of them have the balls to do herion or piss off the queen of england
Imran:: hahaha, man, you really loathe these guys huh?
Steve: no, i don't. i just wish the media never says another bad word about silver chair, bush, or anybody else who sounds like nirvana but obviously are talented band
Imran:: fair enough
Steve: damn straight
Steve: no, i think they've got some really good songs
Imran:: they do
Imran:: im not saying they are amazingly original or anything, but they have good songs
Steve: but so do so many other bands
Imran:: i mean i listen to the cd i hear blur, the beatles, nirvana, all that
Imran:: thats true
Imran:: but you know that its not just songs
Imran:: its the package
Steve: there are som many other bands that deserve it so much more than they do, and i'm not talking about Kelly Milk. they've probally worked a lot harder than us. i'm talking about the dandy warhols, blur....
Steve: it's like what the fuck?!
Imran:: they dont want that shit
Imran:: the dandy warhols certainly dont
Imran:: im not sure about blur
Imran:: but the dandy warhols, ive read in interviews, hate the new MTV audience that likes to "jump around" because thats not what their music is about
Steve: just because courtney taylor didn't throw a glass of rum in your face, does that mean they don't at least deserve the recognition and RESPECT that these fucking brats are getting?
Imran:: they get mad respect...from david bowie
Steve: it's not about MTV's target audience, or david bowie respecting them. They're preaching to the converted.
Imran:: i dont think they are preaching at all
Steve: They got to get their message out to the fred durst wannabe's to change lives around for the better
Steve: it's a saying you dummy
Imran:: i think they are self absorbed, and only care about having enough to associate with the stylish
Imran:: i know
Imran:: shoot
Steve: that's a self defense mechanism